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Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag - Hills Quality Turf

Hills General Purpose (GP10) Soil 1 ton bag


  • Seeding
  • Turfing
  • Levelling Uneven Lawns
  • Contract Planting
  • General Landscaping Applications
  • Used extensively by the landscape, turfing and building trades for contract applications where a first class outcome is essential, this quality general purpose sandy loam is known as ‘GP10’

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Logs

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Logs at £140.00 including Vat and delivery.

Woodchip Mulch Jumbo m3 bag - Natural Weed Suppressant


  • Natural Pathways
  • Dressing Beds & Boarders
  • Weed Suppressant
  • Mulching
  • Aiding Water Retention

Woodchips are a great economical way to dress beds and boarders, whilst providing an effective but natural weed suppressant.

Ornamental Bark - Jumbo m3 bag

Ornamental Bark provides the ultimate finish to all landscaping projects whilst providing an effective but natural weed suppressant.

Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag Maximize

Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag


  • Soil Improvement
  • Rose Beds
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Breaking Up Heavy Soils
  • Mulching

Our organic Soil Conditioner is an environmentally friendly, natural organic highly fertile material. Ideal for improving soils where it will kick start poor, undernourished soils back into life. It is also ideal for breaking up heavy wet clay soils and for mulching beds and borders.

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£ 82.50

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£ 69.13 per m3

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Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag 8 -£ 8.87
Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag 4 -£ 4.87
Soil Conditioner Jumbo m3 bag 2 -£ 2.87

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Dark rich in colour with a PH close to neutral, our Soil Conditioner is produced using 5 year old composted green waste material which is screened to 10mm, the finished material is very friable making it easy to rake and spread giving an excellent overall dark appearance to beds and borders. With good nutrient values and water retaining properties to promote strong root growth, the composting process renders it a safe sterile and stable material which helps replenish the humus content in your soil, giving long term increased fertility making it particularly good where strong healthy plant growth is needed such as in vegetable beds and flower borders.

Slower to break down than other comparable materials and very high in organic matter, our Soil Conditioner has the effect of ‘holding apart’ the clay particles in heavy soils which allows the soil to breakdown naturally, becoming more friable whilst giving better drainage over time.

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