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Hills Planting Loam 1 ton bag - Hills Quality Turf

Hills General Purpose (GP10) Soil 1 ton bag


  • Seeding
  • Turfing
  • Levelling Uneven Lawns
  • Contract Planting
  • General Landscaping Applications
  • Used extensively by the landscape, turfing and building trades for contract applications where a first class outcome is essential, this quality general purpose sandy loam is known as ‘GP10’

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Logs

Bulk Bag Kiln Dried Logs at £140.00 including Vat and delivery.

Woodchip Mulch Jumbo m3 bag - Natural Weed Suppressant


  • Natural Pathways
  • Dressing Beds & Boarders
  • Weed Suppressant
  • Mulching
  • Aiding Water Retention

Woodchips are a great economical way to dress beds and boarders, whilst providing an effective but natural weed suppressant.

Ornamental Bark - Jumbo m3 bag

Ornamental Bark provides the ultimate finish to all landscaping projects whilst providing an effective but natural weed suppressant.

Hills Planting Loam Maximize

Hills Planting Loam 1 ton bag


  • Flower Beds
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Raised Beds
  • Prestigious Landscape Developments

Our 'Planting Loam' is a high quality blended loam which is ideal for all landscaping applications and especially suitable for planting flowers, fruit, vegetables, trees and shrubs in borders, raised beds, allotments as well as designated planting areas and containers.

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£ 87.50

Prices include local delivery but exclude VAT

£ 95.96 per ton

Product From (qty) Discount
Hills Planting Loam 1 ton bag 8 -£ 16.38
Hills Planting Loam 1 ton bag 4 -£ 12.38
Hills Planting Loam 1 ton bag 2 -£ 10.38

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A dark loam with a typical PH close to neutral, our 'Planting Loam' is blended using locally sourced soils, horticultural sands and grit and mature organic soil conditioner. A high quality free draining topsoil, the mature organic soil conditioner provides a slow release fertilising action which will give bumper yields of flowers, fruit and vegetables in years to come whilst providing the necessary nutrients for trees and shrubs to get off to a good start.

Meeting the strict standards of British Standard BS3882-2007, our 'Planting Loam' has very little stone content and is screened to 10mm, which produces a very fine finished material, which is easy to work even in wet conditions owing to its light friable free draining texture.

What is BS3882:2007?
BS 3882:2007 is the British Standard Specification for “Topsoil and Requirements for Use” in the UK.

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